Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bibendum tv

Extreme Tigra close-up on Arte's 50° Nord!
You can still visit the 'Bibendum & Co' exposition in Brussels till the end of august.

The Big Book of Illustration Ideas 2

A few months ago I found a copy of 'The Big Book of Illustration Ideas 2' in a bookstore in Bruges. It features hundreds of illustrations from all kinds of international artists like Olaf Hajek and Martin Haake. Apparently 3 older illustrations of mine were selected for this book... which is nice... Noone ever told me though...

Where is Fly?

Are your kids bored this summer? Drop them in the flemish public libraries and they'll have a blast looking for Fly on these posters.

Holiday reading

3 little illustrations on 'holiday reading' for the Belgian weekly Humo.

Maiden post

Let's see how this works... Euhm, I type something here... and press this button.

Ok. Hi and welcome to my blog. This is actually the news section from my website, but since I don't have the programming skills to make one myself and incorporate it into the website, this is the ideal solution. Thank you very much, Blogger!
So expect new illustrations and gossip on a regular basis...

O, and 'Flemish Altruism' is A Minor Forest's classic debut album, one of my all time favorites, and the perfect title for my act of altruism ;-)